Hello I am new here and I need help some kind of strategy,I earn a lot of money by investing in casinos and promoting casinos but I want more money so I will be happy if somebody can help me ?

Started by clix4you 2019-06-06 at 15:39
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Hello I am new here and promoting casinos but I want more money so I will be happy if somebody can help me ?

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Well, on a PTC site the concept is that you rent refs, extend them for as long as you can, also upgrade your membership as high as you can afford and always click min 4 clicks per day.

If you want to know specifics feel free to ask.
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i do have one advice fir you brother:
DON'T put your own money in casinos and gambling sites (or even in real life)
its so risky and you may lose more than you win
which could cause you some psychological problem..

Enjoy earning without investing any money just your own work or by referring some people..
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Not to self promote too much but MintDice does have an investing portal that allows you to directly invest into the casino house bankroll to profit off of that. Now the returns will be about 5-25% per year depending on revenue so they will not make you a Bitcoin millionaire overnight but it will beat traditional markets. We will also add an affiliate program soon that you can use as well. Hope that helps.

Actually playing the gambling games won't realistically help you too much unless you get lucky, but it's always possible.

If you are curious, we have a guide that explains the process
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