7 premium plus ads but lower click ratio? Meaningless

Started by DarkAgeXXX 2020-04-19 at 15:02
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I don't know if are only my rr, but i'm getting a click ratio of 5.7 per rr, every day looks dropping, while before i had about 6.
This happens about since 1/2 weeks, since we get 7 premium plus ads. But this is meaningless. It should be the opposite, we should get higher click per rr not lower. This make me think they are just bot.
What do you think about? I didn't made any change to my standard strategy.
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Calculation is quite simple. By shaving off $0.01 from all upgraded members. Your own income is reduced by that amount. Now, since you get 100% of your referral income, you can multiply that with your referral numbers(mostly) as they are in the same boat. They make less hence you make less. I guess we all have to recalibrate our calculations.
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I didn't understand your answer. Here is what i see.
In stats i get 2837 clicks yesterday by my rr
I have 498 rr
2837/498 = 5.69
This means that yesterday each rr clicked about 5.69 ads (average)
Until 1 or 2 weeks ago we all had 6 premium+ ads. I was getting close to 6.00 average (about 5.94)
We are all getting 7 ads. This means that people should click close to 7 ads, the average should raise close to 7.00 since all rr pass from 6 ads/clicks per day to 7 availabe.
But my rr total clicks are not increasing, instead they are a bit lower than before.
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