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Started by admin 2018-01-29 at 17:10
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Dear members,

I just hung out with our Paypal account manager.
Our accounts got reviewed and everything was fine,so we did not get limited or anything but Paypal's risk department decided to set a minimum reserve on our account for $100,000.What that means is that we need to have at all times at least $100,000 in our Paypal account in order to cover potential refunds even though our last 180 days refunds were not more than $10,000!!!
As you can imagine i was furious and demanded for a negotiation about the amount that needs to be reserved.
After talking to his superiors he told me that normally i would need another account review which can only happen after 6 months from now,but the best thing he can do for me is that they can review my account again in 30-40 days.

Right now we do not have more than $100,000 in our Paypal account (we have close to that) but i asked him that if i add the funds and let's say i have $120,000 will i be able to send payments for my business to work normally?He said,"Most probably yes,but i wouldn't advise you to do that."

So,right now i am in the difficult position to make a decision.
To be honest i do not feel comfortable having more than $100,000 in my Paypal account especially when my account manager advises me to not to do it.
Because in 30 days or 6 months Paypal might decide that they do not want to do business with us anymore,like that have already done with other PTC sites and having to live with this is frustrating.

I have to decide between two choices.

1)Stop supporting Paypal and continue with the other payment processors only.

2)Continue accepting deposits from Paypal but not be able to send withdraws for another 30-40 days,wait for their next review and if people do not open disputes and the account is healthy as it is right now they might lower the reserve amount needed.

Since i do not believe that a lot of you will not open disputes because you will "panic" etc etc the account will not be healthier in one month from now so we will be in the same position.

As hard as it is for me to say that but the sites will stop supporting Paypal.

I've done my best the past 9 years to keep Paypal even though bigger sites than us like Neobux and Clixsense were not be able to do that.

You might ask yourself what will happen from now on.

First i want to say that i was preparing for this scenario since 2016 and the funds that we have in the other payment processors are more than Paypal so we can cover the payments without any issue.

Secondly,if you open a dispute your account will get suspended.

Third,in case you can not use any other payment processor and you haven't recovered your invest please open a partial dispute asking the difference between your deposits and the amount withdrew.Even if you do not do that i will send the withdraw transactions to Paypal and they will not accept your dispute.

Finally,in any case i will not withdraw the funds from Paypal and in one month i will request a review and if things are fine we might add Paypal again.But i can not promise that since it's out of my hands now.This depends on the disputes that you will open in Paypal.

I hope that everyone will understand the situation and i advise you,before you do anything submit a support ticket and we might find a solution together.

The sites aren't going anywhere.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

Kind regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet,OptimalBux and MyAdRotator Admin
You will get faster support if you send us a support ticket.
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Thank you very much for a detailed explanation, I think in my opinion as long as this site continues it's outstanding service payza is sufficient, thank you for your efforts.
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I strongly agree with batpaids comments that The sites can continue without PayPal. Surely the long term losers will be PayPal themselves, perhaps they are a bit too big for their boots. As a community working together we can overcome this problem. As we are a community all dependant on each other.Stick together keep the faith,all will be fine.
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Hello, first of all I will always support you.
My opinion: PayPal must stay but take your time.
Thank you,
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Dont worry, Scarlet is the best
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Keep on to leave
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Dear Admin,
Thanks for your full and detailled explanations.
I have an idea to help but need to think deeper.
I will post again tomorrow if result is positive.
Thanks again for your great job on the 4 sites.
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Quiet admin, the only one who loses is PayPal, certainly not you.
Graie for all the work you do for us and for having explained the situation clearly and without speaking out, many in his place would have removed PayPal without even warning.
I admire your honesty and I hope that every user will give you trust, trust that you have greatly deserved.
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Hello Dimitris !

Thank you for always being honest with us.
my opinion: number 2
now we can withdraw equal payza or Perfect Money?