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Started by shamirul1989 2020-03-29 at 22:13
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Unfortunately my average is getting low every day. Yesterday was only 5.3 and today is still 5.1. Even my average was arounud 5.8 per day. But unfortunately in this month my rental referral average is getting low. What should I do now anyone suggests me please. Tomorrow 110 referral was inactive out of 995.
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Same here
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Maybe many other people have other problems as clicking some Bux-Ads at this time....
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Same here last couple of days my avg and clicks are lowered..
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Yer me too.
Now promotion ended.
I hope admin increase soon.
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Same thing for me ... That F..cking Virus is a shame !
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Same here... my avg is awful since last week =(
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Same same low. AVG. but I still trust in you
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avg already improved?
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Quote: amilca
avg already improved?

No.AVG still lower than 5.5
Admin please help me.