Temporary adjusted withdraw limits.

Started by admin 2019-03-23 at 14:59
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Dear members,

This is an announcement of some measures that we have to take in order to keep the sites alive and stable.

Unfortunately,what makes me sad,is that this situation happened for external reasons and not from bad management from our side.

We have come to this point mostly because of Payza and the loss of our funds.It's been exactly 1 year since Payza closed.

But let me explain to you what happened.
As you may remember late January 2018 we had to close our Paypal account.At this point the biggest processors (and by big i mean the ones with the most cash flow) was Paypal and Payza.
Since we removed Paypal i transferred and kept most of the site's funds to Payza in order to avoid any issue with withdraws and in order to not make a withdraw rule,so you wouldn't have to deposit from Payza in order to be able to withdraw to Payza.

I guess it was a mistake from my side but i couldn't think that this will happen to Payza,a company which was for so many years and never had an issue with them.

So March arrived and around 80% of the site's funds are frozen in Payza since then.

I've added other payment processors in order to keep the sites going and for you to be able to deposit and withdraw.

The second "hit" was the prices of crypto which for example Bitcoin dropped from around $20,000 to $4,000.This caused a cash flow issue on crypto which most of you are aware since we are behind on crypto payments for the past 2-3 months now.

The past 1,5 year i haven't make any profit (nothing to my pocket i mean) from the sites and i am trying to find ways in order to recover from the loss of Payza since my personal opinion is that these funds are lost and we will never get them.

From my experience the sites need around 4-6 more months in order to recover that loss but we have to take some measures in order to keep them stable and running without issues.

This is why from today,and i promise you this is not a permanent change,we will decrease the withdraw limits for all memberships.

The new withdraw limits are as follows :

Standard : $5
Monthly Silver & Gold : $10
Yearly Silver : $20
Yearly Gold & Gold Plus and Monthly Gold Plus : $35
Diamond : $50

I hope that you can understand the situation we are in and keep supporting the sites.

We have gone through tough times in the past and i am sure that we can go through this as well.

With gratitude,

Admin of Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux

You will get faster support if you send us a support ticket.
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Ok Admin.
I understand.
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Normally, the problem with sites is not that they put restrictions on withdrawal amounts to control internal cashflow because that is what the site requires, but that they just stop paying users.

My cashouts have been regularly paid by you and I have no doubt this will continue to be the case going forward.

I wish you all the best in getting your own personal situation, and that of the site, back to where it was before the fiasco with paypal and payza started.

For what it is worth, payza also has $9000+ of mine owning and I share your outlook on never getting it back or indeed any justice being done to those that stole my cash.

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It's understandable.

So, was it only diamond membership that remained unaffected, or did it have a higher cashout limit before?
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Ok admin..
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Remove cryptos ' transactions, the dodger, banned by most countries
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Quote: rnlcarvalho
It's understandable.

So, was it only diamond membership that remained unaffected, or did it have a higher cashout limit before?

No my friend
It was 70 and fall to 50
for gpt it was 50 and fall to 35
for optimal it was 100 and fall to 50
So, these are not good news for every member, but we must help and support Dimitris.
Dimitris you have proved that we can trust you.
I am with you.
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I support your decision

Long live ScarletClicks !
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I understand the situation and support this change
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Quote: Sowbrikoslov
Remove cryptos ' transactions, the dodger, banned by most countries

I also support this sugggestion as cryptocurrencies are always unstable & always flactuating ; giving unfair (high/low) prices for your services in a way that may destroy any business in the long run .

So I see removing them is more safer for sites especially after adding AirM to payment processors , where users can safely exchange their cryptocurrencies there

As an old member , since 2011 , I support this temporary change and I am sure that you will go through this situation and fullfill your promise .

Long life Scarlet-Clicks