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Follow up on on how GPTPlanet, Optimalbux and Scarlet-Clicks will continue.
Published on 26-07-2023

Dear members,

There is still many tickets with questions if Scarlet-clicks, GPTPlanet and Optimalbux will close on the 1st of August.
This will not happen the sites remain open under new ownership.

I've posted a follow up on the future plans in this forum topic
Please, make sure you will read it as it contains important information!

In order to stimulate ad sales, the Fixed PTC advertisements prices have been lowered.
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Fixed ad prices lowered
Published on 25-07-2023

Dear members,

In order to stimulate ad sales, the Fixed PTC advertisements prices have been lowered.
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Give it a try!

Site new ownership.
Published on 10-06-2023

Dear Members,

After a lot of consideration i've decided to give the sites to the owner of Offers4all,Clixblue,Adzbazzar etc who also has been the developer of our sites for the past 5 years.

This way the sites will continue to be online and managed by someone who i personally trust,has the experience and knowledge on how to run the sites and has proved it with having his sites for years.

In the next days he,as the new admin,will make an announcement on the changes that he will and has to do to the sites in order to keep them alive.

I will be around to help him adjust until the end of June.

Best regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux admin

Site closure
Published on 31-05-2023
Dear members,

I am at the sad position of announcing the closure of Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux.
The sites will stop their operation on the 1st of August 2023.
Unfortunately, since 2018 the company was not able to recover.
Financially we faced a huge loss (almost 80% of our total funds) due to Payza,closing in March 2018 and later in 2019 the cryptocurrencies collapsed.
Also since 2018-2019 there are a lot of members who either stopped using the sites or are leaving the sites.As an example,currently we have 1/4 active members than what we had in 2019.
In 2021 we faced another financial challenge which was caused by Covid-19 and the global financial crisis.Withdraws skyrocketed but we still managed to keep everything smooth and to pay our members.
Despite my best efforts I am unable to keep the sites online , since for years now I haven’t earned anything from them and the downtrend on the whole Paid to click industry continues.
Because I was always honest with you, I will try to make the closing of the sites as smooth as possible.

Members with a ROI higher than 100% will not be able to withdraw.If you make a withdraw it will get cancelled and the funds will not get back to your account balance.

We will focus on paying the members that haven’t had the time to recover their investments.

Members will not be able to rent new referrals or extend the current ones.

The registrations for new members will be closed.

Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux admin
14 years online!
Published on 01-05-2023

Dear members,

Today Scarlet-clicks turns 14 years old!
Since 2009 we have paid more than 2.8 million to our members!

In order to celebrate this milestone we are going to have a deposit bonus promotion!

So,from today the 1st of May until the 3rd of May 23:59 server time,

Add more than $50 and get 2% bonus.
Add more than $100 and get 5% bonus.
Add more than $500 and get 10% bonus.
Add more than $1000 and get 15% bonus.

The bonus will get added automatically to your purchase balance.
This is only for Scarlet-clicks deposits.

Best regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux Admin