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Started by STRIKERGCOM 2020-05-05 at 18:42
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HI guys im new arround here, im gonna buy a monthly membership but i whant to know if i buy 200 RR.
I would need to invest more or not please help or i sould begin buying 5RR and keep on going renting until i get to 200 RR
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First of all, welcome to the family

I would go all out. I did somewhat as you want to but now I realize I should have gotten all the refs at once and a yearly membership + extend all of them to 365 days.

Don't make the same mistakes I did. You will be sorry in the long run.
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Hello g4m3rx,

Learning is always fun and intriguing. I would like to ask you to share your knowledge of your strategy. No Pressure. Only if you wish to share.

Thanks in Advance.