Solving Bonus Ads

Started by ajit1000 2020-12-10 at 02:42
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After seeing many people asking how to do them. I thought, I will give my inputs on the current way to solve them. More or less you have to solve them till you see ... "Checking/Verifying" to get the credit for them. I am able to solve all of them with in 30 mins for all 3 sites. I am starting with a few of them to start with and will add and update when I can if any changes happen. Please keep the topic alive to help others who hunt for this information. Remember, the link share sites also keep changing the way they give credits. So, come back and give your inputs too if, you find some better way of doing them ...

Thumb rule, wait for the run down counter to start. Keep your focus on the first tab, if it shifts to the new tab then don't close the home tab.

ShrinkEarn/Clk.Sh : Solve the Capcha, click and close the 4 new tabs that open when you click ..."Click here to Continue". Wait for the timer to complete, click and close the "Get Link" 3 times and you have your Checking and verifying thingy open.
*Tip : It may look like too many clicks and lot of time. I am able to solve these in 20-25 secs max, inspite of getting AV warnings(even more clicks closing them). Scroll up the "Click here to continue" button to the top. Now, clicking and closing can be done very quickly, with minimum mouse movement. Same thing with the "Get Link" button, but here wait for the timer to start rolling before doing that.

Getty/Petty : These are the simplest and easiet, solve the Capcha, click the "Click here to continue", wait for the timer to run out, press the "Get Link"

AdSrt/AdShort : Quiet similar to Gett/Petty but this one opens a new tab. So, solve the Capcha, click the "Click here to continue" close the opened ad, wait for the timer to run out and press the "Get Link". Here the new tab opens up, your desired ad can be on either tab, home or the new one. Simple follow the one which says "Checking/Verifing".

AdSeven: This one takes the longest to complete. The idea of solving it is quiet similar to other linkshares. Here, never close the home button that opens, even if the ad shifts into some different ad. Work on the second tab in that case. In case of multiple AdSeven tabs, close the new ones that opens. The timer here is of 10 seconds and it may appear twice. Over and above that it takes a while for the timer to start running. So, as I said it takes the longest to solve. But it can be done. : Click Continue, close all the opening ads till the proper page opens. Close the all opening ads and wait till count down timer ads appear. Click the "Get Link" button and close all the opening ads till you get the "Checking/Verifying" on the home tab you started from. : This one is notorious for showing Porn links. The process is similar to, here keep you focus on the home tab and close the new ads, till you see the timer. After timer, the desired ad will appear mostly on the home tab.

CroClix : No inputs, I simply close them and try my luck again on something from above to open up. I tried solving them patiently, just like AdSeven but, I had a very limited success.

*Another Tip : Just like Premium ads, if you are an upgraded member. The Bonus ads also not expire till server reset time. So, you can finish them in your lesiure time whenever you feel like. No pressure!

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