This is the best ptc site who agrees.

Started by slater6000 2022-05-14 at 12:24
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Hi everyone i joined back in october last year but have not really worked my account until about 2 weeks ago.Then i realised just how good this site really is compared to other sites (especially the one they call number 1 because it has been going for 15 years and pays instantly but its rented refferals hardly click so where's the profit in that.)I have 500 rr in this other site and only about 75 click each day what a waste of money that was.So now i am using the money i make in that one to build my scarlet clicks account.I have 55 rr and most days evryone clicks so i have a target of getting to diamond and having 8000 rr in the next 3 years this will be great and of course i will be profiting greatly too.How does anyone else feel about the best ptc site online scarlet clicks.
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I have used many ptc sites over the years, scarlet was one of the first I joined and I am still here ,6 years later , and I can't say that about any of the others. So yes I agree, there have been problems along the way, but admin has always been honest with us. Long live scarlet
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Full agree!!

ScarletClicks is the REAL #1